Rising Star Tennis
RisingStars Tennis  

Keys to Unlock Your Child's Bright Future

Did you know that ... High School and College tennis players are among the highest academic achievers?

No other sport can compete with TENNIS in delivering overall physical, mental or emotional gains for those who play.

No other sport can grow with you for the rest of your life!

RisingStarsTennis is pleased to offer specialized, high quality programs.

  • Ages 4 – 12
  • 8 week sessions
  • Positive environment
  • Solid “FUN”damentals
  • Structured lessons with flexible content based on your child's needs
  • Fun Fun Fun (Games, Movie Nights, Carnivals, BD parties)

At RisingStarsTennis your youngster will get introduced to the magic of tennis in a fun, engaging way, while instilling love for the game that will help your child thrive on and off the courts. Through solid “FUN”damentals, your child's inner desire can lead him/her to become anything from a recreational player to a world class player.


Mila:"It is incredible how many lifelong skills you can learn via tennis. Just stay open and receptive and magic will happen".



Our programs include private, individual lessons as well as group lessons.


Tennis, the game about LIFE for a LIFETIME. Get started!