RisingStarsTennis specializes in teaching tennis to children. Based on 20+ years of experience working with children, putting together the best of the following methods,

* Quickstart Tennis
* USPTA Little Tennis
* PeeWee Tennis
* Wall Method
* Gradual Method
* TeachingFocus

into an easy, 1-2-3 method (Palm of the Hand, Paddle, Racket), where sized rackets, colored balls, lower nets, targets, fun games, backboard and many other fun, tennis related props are used.

Parents, here are some thoughts to ponder....

* Your child is not a miniature adult. Each child has to complete a developmental progression on his/her own terms - physically, mentally and emotionally.

* We use tennis as a means to pass on a conundrum of values to your child.

* We believe that the first 12 years of our children's life are the most precious times, when they are creating a "blueprint". Thus we can have the most positive impact on the future or our champions in tennis and life.

* We recognize that you, parents, are an integral part of your child's successful unfolding.

* We are enriching each other's lives.

* We are a team.

* Your child's success is our success.

Mila Horak, USPTA P1, and a holder of the Certificate des Professeurs et Moniteurs du Tennis au Quebec is the founder of RisingStarsTennis with generous help from the Sunset Hills Country Club. She has been teaching tennis in Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village community for the past 20 years. Originally from Prague, she was a nationally ranked player in the Czech Republic and Canada, and received a full tennis scholarship in the United States.


Mila was recognized for her teaching excellence as a recipient of the USPTA Little Tennis Award. She knows all phases of the game, yet her passion is fueled by healthy child development. There is this window of opportunity until about 12 years of age, where perceptual-motor development, movement capacities, agility, balance, coordination, timing rhythm; personal and social skills can be learned exponentially. It will have a huge impact on your child’s life. For a complete article about 12 years of your child’s development stages, click here.

For a complete list of Health Benefits, written by Jack Groppel, PhD, click here.

USTA_logoSHCC (Sunset Hills Country Club), the home of champions in tennis and life, has the full range of quality programs for gradudates of RisingStarsTennis to follow up, should your child decide to pursue this game. 

CRPD_LogoSmallCRPD (Conejo Recreation Park District) is gracious in encouraging children to get exposed to variety of sports, including tennis.